Who we are:

From the left: Vidar Österlund, Hugo Rousselet, Ellie Geigel, Josefin Berg, Frida Palmén, Ofelia Gedda, Alva Tilling, Lotta Ericsson, Melina Runhammar, Filippa Klintefall Råssjö and Beatrice Briesch


The board of 2022:


Lotta Ericsson



As president, I am ultimately responsible for the association and the activities we arrange. One of my main tasks is to lead and support the board as well as to manage our contacts with other associations in Uppsala.





Ofelia Gedda 

Vice President


As vice president, I am responsible for maintaining contacts with UPaD’s partners, mainly Folkuniversitetet and Akademikerförbundet SSR. I also help the president and the rest of the board when needed. 





Beatrice Briesch



As secretary, I have overall responsibility for UPaD’s administration and record its board meetings. I am also in charge of the register regarding the association’s members and alumni.






Ellie Geigel



As the treasurer of UPaD, I am responsible for the association’s finances. This includes making sure that we are following the set budget, collecting membership fees, and selling UPaD’s tote bags and songbooks.





Filippa Klintefall Råssjö

Head of Communication


As Head of Communication, I am in charge of updating the website and our social media, and answering general questions from our members. I am also in charge of the marketing and PR of the association.





Alva Tilling

Head of Education


As Head of Education, I am responsible for the Committee of Education and our work to continuously strengthen the possibilities for students to influence and ameliorate their education. The committee organizes the mentorship programme, appoints student representatives, and arranges events related to our education.




Vidar Österlund

Vice Head of Education


As vice head of education, I constitute the link between UPaD and Samsek (Samhällsvetenskapliga Sektionen). I additionally work alongside the head of education in the work of the Committee of Education.




Josefin Berg

Head of Events


As Head of Events, I am responsible for organizing and coordinating social events for, and together with, UPaD’s members. This entails everything from gasques and pub-crawls to ski trips and guest lectures, as well as the yearly ’inspark’..





Frida Palmén

Vice Head of Events


As vice head of events, I am a helping hand to the Head of Events regarding the organization and planning of UPaD’s social events. Both by assisting the head of events on bigger happenings and by taking responsibility for smaller events such as pub-crawls.





Melina Runhammar

Alternate member


As alternate member, I temporarily take over the voting rights if someone cannot be present at a meeting, and otherwise give an extra opinion. I also do some general tasks.




 Hugo Rousselet

Head of Sports


As the head of sports, I am responsible for all sports activities, including the basketball and soccer teams.


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