It is time to present our two newest members of the board as well as give you our motivations for why we decided to appoint them to these positions.

The reason for why the positions were appointed by the board and not by the members was because we first want to see how it works out with the new positions during the fall semester before submitting a motion to change the association’s statues. Thus, if we decide that we want to keep the positions we will suggest changing the statues by adding these two positions to the board at the annual meeting in January. This will then make them electable at the annual meetings in the future, and thereby by you – the members.

It is important to note that both the vice head of education and vice head of events will be co-opted (adjungerade) into the board during the fall, and does thus not have any voting rights during the board meetings.


First out we have our new vice head of education and vice president of the education committee – Mia-Lie Nylund. She likes pasta, black liquorice and Amy Winehouse. Her biggest vice is salt and she is uncomfortable wearing any clothes that are not black. She also thinks her friends are pretty cool.

The board’s motivation:
“After careful consideration, the board decided to appoint Mia-Lie Nylund to vice president of the committee of education due to her desire to contribute to a better education as well as for the alignment of her priorities with those of the committee. The board is convinced that Mia-Lie will work with the best-interest of our members at heart as she has previously displayed a great devotion for the association’s activities and considerable skills organizing events of different sizes”


And last, but not least, is our new vice head of events and vice president of the event committee – Ingrid Skagerlind. In her spare time she loves being active, particularly dancing on tables with her friends. She also enjoys working out and play a variety of sports, especially since it gives her a valid excuse to later stay in bed all day, watching Netflix and eating unhealthy.

The board’s motivation:
“After careful consideration, the board decided to appoint Ingrid Skagerlind as the vice president for the committee of events due to her vast experience of coordinating different types of events of all sizes as well as for her enthusiasm for engaging more with the practical work of a student association. The board strongly believe that Ingrid is a strategic planner with characteristics which will benefit UPaD’s members when planning and organizing exciting events throughout the rest of the year”


If you have questions about how the election process worked, feel free to send an email to our president, Josefine, on and she will answer your questions!