Currently there are no writing coaches available for the spring semester of 2017 – updates will be posted here soon!


Toads, look this way!
During the autumn of 2016 UPaD started a new program where our members can get constructive criticism regarding grammar, choice of words and structure when it comes to school/work-related texts in English. The purpose is to contribute to an increased academic performance and a more confident writing. There are four writing coaches available, all of them with English as their first language. They have all participated in a crash-course arranged by Active Student Participation on how to mentor and give feedback.

If you want to get in contact with one of our writing coaches, please send an email to any of the email addresses listed below. Every meeting is approximately 45 minutes long and you decide together with your writing coach where you want to meet up. If it is a long piece of text, it might be a good idea to send it by email before the meeting but this is also something you agree upon with your writing coach.

We urge you to use this possibility to perfect any academic or study related text you may be, or be interested in, working on!