Information from the Committee of Education – 18-12-12               

Department of Peace and Conflict Research
The board approved the proposal for a Academic Development Seminar Series for the Master program.
You can read the entire proposal here: Proposal – Academic Development Seminar Series – Master program

The suggestions for a expansion of PhD-funds will be revised and brought up at the next board meeting for future decision. You can find the entire proposal here:PhD corp suggestion for expanded funds

As the department will have some extra funds available throughout the next year, the board has asked for the following procedure to be pursued as regards to developing ideas for future quality enhancing activities at the department:
1. In January a meeting will be organized where everyone that is interested will be invited to brainstorm on possible ideas for projects.
2. In February any proposals will have to be sent in to Jan Ångström for revision, to later be put forth to the Board for decision.
3. In March the board will decide upon what proposals to realize, and how to best use the funds available to enhance the overall academic quality of the department.

As complaints have been raised regarding the lack of space at the student lounge, a note will be posted asking any students that are not studying a course at the department to please relocate to somewhere else.

The meeting minutes of the 10-12-12 board meeting will be posted at the department’s website shortly.


Department of Government

Information from the board meeting at the Department of Governance from Caroline Blomberg, student representative

The document conducted by UPaD and backed up by UPS and Föreningen Samhällsvetarna has been sent out to the teachers at the department urging them to give the students feedback on their exams. For all of you who will attend courses at the Department of Governance next semester: please contact Caroline Blomberg if you do not receive any feedback on your exams (or other assignments) so the information can be brought back to the board.

There will remain a possibility to study a master program in development studies, students can apply for the master program in politics and have development studies as a main subject. It is not yet clear if this will be a fil or pol mag. Students at the bachelor program in peace and development studies can apply for this master program (90hp in either development studies or peace and conflict research).

The Department of Governance needs students for the literature committees for all courses that the department gives. Anyone who is interested should contact Caroline Blomberg as soon as possible, and according to the department you do not have to have read the literature (or attended a particular course) to be in the committees.

Caroline Blomberg brought up the issue of information from teachers. Issues brought up were that all information was not given at course start (about seminars, deadlines, etc), that it is unclear to whom students can turn to with questions and that information needed is not given through the same channels and therefore information available is not easy to find.


Regarding the internship meeting 11/12

Last week a meeting on the topic of our upcoming internship course was held at the University Buildning. Quite a few students attended the meeting, as well as representatives from our both departments.

Christofer Hägg and Florian Krampe are the two people that will be coordinating the internship course, and to whom further questions regarding the internship can be asked.

The powerpoint presentation that was used at the meeting can be found here: The Internship Course – BA
Please be aware that some details regarding the internship course are still under revision, and that some information in given in the PPT might change. We will make sure to inform you if any such changes take place.

An alumni network will be established shortly together with student representatives, and may thus be used by our students to find contacts to interesting internship spots.


Student Union – Section for Social Sciences (SAMSEK)

Samsek meeting 5/12/12
Student representatives:
The Samsek representatives in the Academic Senate (akademiska senaten) and “Fakultetsnämnden” introduced themselves and methods of communication between the committee and its representatives were discussed.

Samsek grants:
The committee member representing the applicant/-s is responsible for reporting decisions on grants to the applicant/-s (i.e. Anton or Louise will inform UPaD about decisions on UPaD’s grant applications).  In case of rejection the applicant is advised to contact sektionsansvarig for further information on the grounds of rejection and advise on alterations of the application if needed.

Student influence in Samsek:
General discussion on student influence and perceptions of the Student Union/ Samsek.  The role of Samsek was discussed; how can Samsek and studiebevakarna function as support and a resource for the associations? Today there is a perception that Samsek and the associations are carrying out the same type of work rather than complementing each other. It was discussed if studiebevakarna can take on a more advising and supporting role by e.g. arranging training sessions for presidents, treasurers and secretaries. Linda expressed an interest in attending meetings on education held by the associations.

Information about the motion on representation of the sections in FUM. The motion will be discussed at next FUM (17/12/12). However, it has now been discovered that the rules of procedure not were followed at last FUM, meaning that the decision of approval has been repealed.

Awareness of Samsek:
Studiebevakarna intend to introduce themselves to as many students as possible at the beginning of next term (“Kursturné”) in order to increase the awareness of them and their work.


Committee of Education & General information
A meeting on the subject of Minor Field Studies will be held in January. Please see , for further information regarding MFS.

Samsek is still looking for student representatives from our department! Please see the previous post by the Committee of Education for more information.