UPaD Mental Health Project 2021

Introducing Uppsala Peace and Development association´s Mental Health Project for the year 2021. UPaD strives to create a fun and safe learning environment for all members. This year the new board of UPaD has decided to take this one step further by introducing a new focus area concerning students’ mental health.

The aim of this project is to combat mental illness and help boost UPaD members’ mental health. We, as students understand that when studying at a high academic level, such as the Peace and Development program it is difficult to find a balance between the extensive coursework and lectures, whilst maintaining a social life. These issues are of the utmost importance to us, especially in Covid times when we are stuck indoors studying remotely. This is why UPaD is committed to helping its members to the best of its ability.

The UPaD Mental Health Project will be a reoccurring theme for the year 2021. A kick-off week will occur at the beginning of May filled with fun activities and interesting lectures to highlight this important issue. You will find weekly posts on our social media, including tips and tricks for combating stress, and soon our website will include a whole page dedicated to the Mental Health Project, where you will find vital communication links to professionals.

UPaD wants to remind you that you are not alone. Balancing school, work, and life are never easy and all of us have moments where it is all just too much. We hope you will join us in this journey and stand united with us in the fight against mental illness. Stay tuned for more information!