Uppsala Peace and Development Students’ Association is open for students studying the Bachelor Programme in Peace and Development Studies, as well as students taking single courses within the areas of either Peace and Conflict Studies or Development Studies. Please use the application form to become a member.

Apply for membership

Standard membership

In order to obtain a standard membership in the association, you must be studying the Bachelor Program in Peace and Development Studies or study something related to the Bachelor Program. The membership fee for three years is 300 SEK. Note that only members that study the Bachelor program have the right to candidate to the positions of President and Head of Education in the board of UPaD, other positions are open for all applicants. With the membership you have the right to candidate, suggest motions and vote in the Annual Meeting, participate in all UPaD activities and get assistance and support in study-related issues.

Coursebased membership

Coursebased memberships is for those who study individual courses that are part of the Bachelor Program in Peace and Development Studies. The membership lasts for the duration of the course, and the fee is 75 SEK. These members have the same rights as those of the standard membership.

Alumni membership

Alumni members People who have previously held a UPaD membership can obtain an alumni membership. Alumni members may not vote and cannot be elected to board positions but may speak at the annual meeting. They also have the right to participate in all UPaD activities. Alumni membership costs 100 SEK for three years.

Honorary members

The board can nominate honorary members who have contributed to the association in a special way or who are notable persons within the fields of Peace and Conflict Studies or Development Studies.