UPaD’s mentorship programme functions as a platform for students to help each other with their studies. ‘Older’ students lead groups for ‘younger’ students in order to guide them through difficult parts of their studies. All the mentors receive training in a method called Supplemental Instructions through the department CEMUS, as well as a certification which can be used in future job-hunting.

The mentorship programme is open for the courses Peace and Conflict A during autumn and Development A during spring. Further mentorship groups for B-courses have been started but is not an annual guarantee.

All students attending either of these courses are welcome to join the mentorship programme.


This semester’s mentors are:


Development A:

Malin Hedenskog

Philippa Westling

Ella Stork

Nelly Eckegren


Peace and Conflict B:

Herman Wieselgren

Johanna Wallander


  1. If you would like to join the mentorship programme or become a mentor yourself, please send an email to education@u-pad.se