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Initiation Info (Part 2)

Hi new (and old) friends! Don’t forget (/miss) that the initiation week starts in exactly two weeks time! WE haven’t forgotten you. Due to some administrative problems we haven’t been…

UPaD introducing: Nadja Drott

It is time to meet our money counting; joy bringing; calm keeping treasurer: Nadja! 1. What’s your favorite memory of UPaD? The first day of the kick-off event! (Insparkens introduktionsdag)….

Time for Gasque!

We hope you are getting excited about tomorrow’s gasque, we at UPaD surely are! Here are just a few important points of information.

One night out at Stocken

The final activity before the gasque is here – one night out at the notorious nation called Stocken!

Time for “Brölbrännboll”

Wednesday’s activity is “Brölbrännboll” with a rebel theme and the possibility to barbeque at Ekoparken.

Toga-party at Uplands Nation

The second week of the BA introduction starts off with a toga-party at Uplands Nation, directly after the mingle with teachers. Please feel welcome to join, just dress up in a toga!

Pub crawl

Time for a Pub Crawl

The introduction continues this Friday night with a pub crawl, ending with a gathering of all the groups at the same nation. Everyone is welcome to join!