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Initiation Info (Part 2)

Hi new (and old) friends! Don’t forget (/miss) that the initiation week starts in exactly two weeks time! WE haven’t forgotten you. Due to some administrative problems we haven’t been…

Meeting of the Committee of Education

On Monday, the 5th of November, at 4:15 p.m. the Committee of Activities will hold a meeting at Majs Café, Norrlands nation.

Pub Crawl with Mustache-Theme

The Committee of Activities has organized a pub crawl for the willing, brave and daring. We are aiming for visiting all 13 nations on Wednesday the 7th of November, starting…

First Meeting of the Committee of Activities

It is time for the first meeting of the Committe of Activities. All members are welcome to join the discussion of our future activites in the association.

Time for Gasque!

We hope you are getting excited about tomorrow’s gasque, we at UPaD surely are! Here are just a few important points of information.

One night out at Stocken

The final activity before the gasque is here – one night out at the notorious nation called Stocken!

Time for “Brölbrännboll”

Wednesday’s activity is “Brölbrännboll” with a rebel theme and the possibility to barbeque at Ekoparken.