It is time to meet our money counting; joy bringing; calm keeping treasurer: Nadja!

1. What’s your favorite memory of UPaD?

The first day of the kick-off event! (Insparkens introduktionsdag). I think we were all very nervous and excited that day, the new students as well as the old.
2. What are you looking forward to the most about this year?

To get to know more of the members in UPaD and perhaps to be more involved in different forms of student-run activities.

3. If you wouldn’t study the program – what would you study?

I want a degree in Economics as well. When given the chance though, I would love to study 30hp of gender research as well.

4. What have you learnt from living in Uppsala?

I am from Uppsala and I thought I knew everything about my city before I started University. I was definitely wrong on that point. Life as a student in Uppsala is indescribable. There are activities, lectures, groups, parties and so much more that students can attend and also be part of creating and I think the involvement and dedication among the students here in Uppsala is impressive.

5. What’s the best trick to keep your cool during exam periods?

I think we all do different things to mentally cope with a rough exam period. The only thing that stresses me out more than having too much to do, is having nothing to do. So before an exam, I always find unhealthy food and videogames/netflix to be my best solution. After a day or two of doing “nothing”, I get so tense that studying for an exam becomes a privileged activity.