Welcome to Uppsala and the Peace and Development programme all new BA Students!

All new BA students are offered a package deal that will pay for the Inspark, a three-year UPaD membership, and the fantastic 2014 Insparksgasque!

The membership provides access to member exclusive activities offered by the association, such as gasques, dinners, study visits and ski trips. A membership also provides an organized link between you, the student, and the institutions and gives you the opportunity to shape the future of the programme and UPaD itself by involving yourself in different projects or even becoming a board member!

A gasque is a true Uppsala tradition, involving a three-course dinner, entertainment, good times, and a fantastic after-party filled with music and dancing. The gasque is the grand finale of the Inspark and something you would not want to miss out on.

All this will be yours for a price of 550 SEK. If you wish to partake in the Inspark and gasque, it is possible to make the payment right now to UPaDs bankgiro number 102-8257, do not forget to leave your name as a comment, so that we may verify your payment and make you a member!  More information will be given to you when UPaD meets the new BA students on the 25th, it will also be possible to sign your membership and pay for the gasque in person after the information session, we will also accept cash payment during the initial week of the inspark, more information regarding dates will be forwarded to you through appropriate channels.