Hello fellow students!

The fall semester of 2013 is now well under way, and many of our new Peace and Development students just finished their first ‘tenta’. There are ever so many new things to learn at the university, even outside of the comfort-zone of our lecture halls. Some of that is posted right here, at the UPaD web-page, as monthly compilations of all the minor and major matters concerning our BA-programme. Brought to you by your Committee of Education, so that you are up to date on decisions taken in order for you to get the best degree possible at Uppsala University.


Alumni Association

The PCR Alumni Association has now officially launched!

The Alumni board of 2013-2104 consists of: Christofer Hägg, Susanna Edström-Johansson, Sayra van den Berg, Nick Tobia and Magnus Öberg.

The Alumni Association aims to strengthen the link between former and current students and with the Department as such. Members will have access to a valuable network of former students. Membership application is open to all current and former students and employees of the Department. To become a member sign up directly at the launching event or register through the Uppsala Univerisity Alumni Network.


Department of Peace and Conflict Research

At the board meeting we mainly discussed economical matters and questions concerning the role of examinators and disciplinary management. Furthermore the board decided to postpone any substantial work with the student exchange-programme until there is resources for its initiation. At the moment it is a matter of staff-related resources, but hopefully this may be better adressed at the end of this semester.
The student representatives lifted the concern that has been put forth regarding the availability of the internship course. The current decison is  that students only have access the internship course during spring semesters – which has aggravated quite a few students. This was expressed to the board, and the board decided that the director of studies, Lisa Hultman, will look into the matter to see if it is possible to offer the internship course also during the fall. We will hopefully get more details on this at the coming board meeting.

Records from the board meeting will be available through http://www.pcr.uu.se/about/board_strategies/.

Election time is coming! It is the time of year when student representatives are to be elected to the board of the department, as well as for the Equality Committee. You should have already got an e-mail from Ulla Öberg on this subject, but otherwise all information is available through this: link.

The next board meeting of the Department of Peace and Conflict Research is scheduled for October 14.


Department of Government

At the board meeting with the Department of Governance we discussed the economy of the department and the salaries of seminar-leaders. Nothing was decided and we agreed that more detailed information is needed regarding the economy and a group was formed to present a proposal for a praxis regarding the seminar-leader’s salaries.
For the next meeting, UPaD will present a concern regarding the lack of english lectures in Development studies B and C.
/Your student representative at the Board of the Department of Government, Caroline Blomberg.

Election time is upon us! If you are interested in learning more about  all things concerning the department and its students, then make sure to apply to become one of the student representatives at the board! Information regarding the election is available here: Val av studeranderepresentant i Statsvetenskapliga institutionens styrelse.

Furthermore, MFS-applications are now accepted at the department for all students of development studies that would like to do some fieldwork connected to their C-thesis. For more information on that, please see this: link.

The next board meeting of the Department of Government is scheduled for October 16.



Programrådet had its first meeting of the semester by September 23. Among other things the internship programme, the programme evaluation and the exchange programme were discussed. Helena Grusell took some excellent notes during the meeting, for you to scrutinize:  Minnesanteckningar möte 130923

The next meeting with programrådet is scheduled for November 25.


Samhällsvetenskapliga Sektionsrådet – Part of Uppsala Student Union 

Samhällsvetenskapliga Sektionsrådet, SamSek, had two meetings last month. The records of those meetings may be  found through this link.

These meetings have mostly concerned elections of different representative-positions within Uppsala Student Union. Some of those positions are still up for grabs, so make sure to follow SamSek at facebook and keep track of UPaD:s news feed for more information on that. The Committee of Education also need to elect new UPaD representatives for Samsek during the next meeting with the Committee.


Committee of Education

We saw quite a few new students at the last meeting with the Committee of Education.
Please see the following notes for a review of the things discussed at the meeting: Stolpar från möte med Utbildningsutskottet 6 sep -13

Representatives from UPaD and the Committee of Education has also convened with Uppsala Politicesstuderande and the Department of Government to make sure all ideas have been put forth on the issue of rebuilding the department.

The Head of Education recommend its successor to hold the next meeting with the Committee of Education by Thursday, October 10, alternatively October 11.