Department of Peace and Conflict Research

Alumni Association
An Alumni Association is currently under construction, which might prove very useful if you are looking for contacts for future internships.
For any questions regarding this project, please see Christopher Hägg at the institution or speak to your BA-representatives that are helping out with the founding of this association; Lovisa Mickelsson and Sanna Moberg.

Board Meeting 2013-01-28
At the board meeting a few requests from the students were put forth regarding the student lounge area:
A request for public refridgerators at the student lounge
Reparation of the copy machine at the student lounge
The request for coffee and other vending machines at the student lounge
More tables at the student lounge

The head of the department, Magnus Öberg, said that he will look into each request and hopefully we can see some changes at the student lounge in the near future.

Brainstorming-meeting with Jan Ångström 2013-01-31

As some extra resources are available at the DPCR to further improve the quality of education, Jan Ångström called to a meeting in late January to discuss possible projects with BA and MA-students. Here are some notes from the meeting (Thank you Linnea Rolfhamre):

At the meeting with Jan Ångström we discussed pedagogical projects to improve the study experience of students at the institution. The proposal for a “practitioners’ program” met with support from those present. A paragraph will be added about the responsibilities of the program coordinator which will including contact with Pax et Bellum and UPaD.
It became clear during the meeting that the masters students would like a program committee (programråd), similar to the one the bachelors students have, where they can give feedback on the program and resolve organizational and communications based problems.
The proposal for an MA travel funding was discussed. Some concerns were raised about the institutions ability to give travel grants to individuals, about the fairness of such a program and about the potential lack of long term impact the proposal would have. The discussion led, however, to the proposal of holding a conference which all department students could attend.
Those attending the meeting expressed a desire for better/ more gender perspectives to be included in the programs. Jan proposed adding a 15HP class on gender in conflict to the department’s course catalog. This course would be open to BA and MA students. It would likely begin in 2014. Those present at the meeting also suggested a review of the gender perspective in all program course material.
Jan will move forward with the suggestions made at the meeting and the department board will vote on the final proposals in early March.

Further, Jan would like to hear your opinion on a revised version of the “practitioners’ program”. Please see the attached document,Proposal for Practitioners’ programme, and get back to us with your opinion as soon as possible.

Also, please remember that any projects such as the one posted above are still welcomed by the board. If you are sitting in on some ideas of how to further enhance the quality of education at the institution, but don’t know how to best proceed to with your ideas, please speak to Jan or any of your student representatives at the institution (Anton Ingstedt and Linnea Rolfhamre from the BA-level).


Minor Field Studies-meeting 2013-01-30

In late January an information meeting was held to discuss this years MFS-scholarships at the DPCR.
This year three scholarships will be available for BA as well as MA-students planning to write their thesis in Peace and Conflict Studies this fall.
Please see the attached PDF for further information; PP presentation MFS 2013



Meeting with Programrådet 2013-01-28

On the 28th of January a meeting with programrådet was held.
Please see the attached PDF for further information on what was discussed; Minnesanteckningar möte 130128

As a meeting will be convened this spring for course administrators from both of our institutions, to discuss course content, progression and to avoid eventual unnecessary repetition of content, any input from students that have taken part of the Peace and Conflict A-course as well as the Development Studies A-course is greatly appreciated. Please make sure to forward such input to