The introduction for the BA students continues! Tomorrow’s activity is “Brölbrännboll”, which easily explained is a Swedish version of rounders or softball called brännboll, but this version also includes an additional rule that demands the players to shout out different things – bröla. What you will shout out will be announced at the game. A hint for now: learn your rebels…

The game will be at Ekoparken, behind Ekonomikum, at 6 p.m. The BA students will compete in their different groups and should therefore be dressed in your different costumes – but the theme for the game is rebel so you can be creative!

UPaD will provide with barbeques, so please bring food to barbeque or other food to eat there – you will need the energy! Additionally, bring your own drinks since drinking will be a part of the game, but it is of course optional.

If you want company to Ekoparken – please meet up with some of our leaders that will show you the way from Gamla Torget at ten to six!