The time goes fast when you have fun and we are now at the last activity, before the gasque, for this year’s introduction for the BA programme students – one night out!

Tonight, the students will pre-party in their different groups, so hear with your leaders about where and when you will meet up. Later, all four groups will come together and party at the notorious Stocken. Hopefully, this will be a night to remember, and UPaD also hopes that everyone that has participated in this introduction is pleased with these two weeks. We hope to see all of you at gasquen at the 12th of September!

Many thanks to all “faddrar” for their great contribution! Also thanks to those second year BA programme students that have helped them when necessary!



Especially thanks to our head of activities – Karin Uggla – and her assistant – Moa Sjöborg – that have made a great job in planning and preparing this introduction!



Also many thanks to all of the new BA students for participating in the introduction and doing so with such a great spirit! UPaD hopes that all of you feel more welcome in Uppsala and pleased with your choice of education, and that you now are proud members of UPaD – we will see you a lot more during your time in Uppsala!