The inPub crawltroduction continues this Friday night with a pub crawl, where the new BA students will explore the majority of all the nation’s pubs with their leaders. All groups will meet up at the same nation at the end of the pub crawl, to party together for the rest of the night. It will be announced by the leaders where the final destination is during the pub crawl.

The first nation for the groups to meet at is:

– Group 1 – Gotlands
– Group 2 – Norrlands
– Group 3 – Gästrike-Hälsingland
– Group 4 – Uplands

The time for the first nation is 6 p.m.

Everyone is more than welcome to join them – if you want to do so and have a Student ID, please contact Karin Uggla at 070-9545147 or Moa Sjöborg at 070-6320355.