Uppsala Peace and Development Students’ Association was founded in April 2012 by students at Uppsala University. 

Uppsala Peace and Development Students’ Association (UPaD) is a newly established student association, mainly for the students in the Bachelor programme in Peace and Development Studies, but also for students taking single courses within the areas of either Peace and Conflict Studies or Development Studies.

UPaD aims to enforce the study experience for those taking courses in Peace and Conflict Studies and Development Studies, with its main focus on those attending the Bachelor programme. The association seeks to enforce the bond between the students and Uppsala University through the Department of Peace and Conflict Research and the Department of Government, as well as with the wider student community in Uppsala and with sectors of society related to the studies.

The focus of UPaD lies in areas concerning educational matters, regular social activities for new and old students, and the world beyond university – ranging from deepened understanding of the subjects to working life. This is done by students in UPaD through arranging inspiring and educational events, inauguration of new students and working to establish concern for student rights.

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